Web Services

What is Web Service? It is a service offered by one device to communicate with another device through the Internet. … More

Split text in C#

Basic logic: Char[] separater = {‘:‘,‘|‘,‘ ‘}; //enter the separaters String[] mytext = theTextYouWantToSplit.Split(separater); //create a string arrary Then, show the string: foreach (string s in mytext) //for each string … More

Appium: useful codes

Long press/Tap and hold TouchAction action = new TouchAction(); action.longPress(webElement).release().perform();   Swipe to element[7] [Test ()] public void ComplexTouchActionTestCase () … More

Ant Design and React

Installation: Follow the official website: https://ant.design/docs/react/practical-projects, and install the necessary packages using npm.   icon type: user, team