Switch to Webview (For real device)

To make appium recognise the webview context, we need to make sure that we have ios_webkit_debug_proxy installed correctly and is the latest version. Otherwise, use brew install ios_webkit_debug_proxy or brew update ios_webkit_debug_proxy.

Then run the code ios_webkit_debug_proxy -c YourUDIDHere:27753 -d so that webkit can focus on your device.

The following code can help us switch to webview (in C#):

var contextList = CommonMethod.driver.Contexts;

foreach (String contextname in contextList)



if (contextname.Contains(“WEBVIEW”))


CommonMethod.driver.Context = contextList.ToArray()[1];//Switch to webview





Based on the result writen in console, you can find out which one is webview. For me, is contextList[1].

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