Appium: Automated Testing for Android (Windows)

System using: macOS 10.12.5

Android SDK Version: 4.4 Kit Kat (API 19)

Prereq: Java JDK, Android SDK, Appium, Visual Studio for Mac with Xamarin


Steps of creating a new project for automation testing:

  1. Create a new project: “New Solution”, then choose “Other”, from this choose “NUnit”. Click “Create”
  2. Add [SetUp] and [TearDown]

Now we can get a basic framework for mobile testing using NUnit framework.

For “APK Info” apk file installation:

  1. Download the apk file
  2. Save it into the “platform tools” folder
  3. Open terminal (OS) or command line tool (Windows)
  4. Type: cd usr/local/Android sdk/platformtools (or the location of your apk file)
  5. execute
  6. Then type: ./adb install yourapkfilename.apk
  7. execute

Check the device name:

In the Commond Line tool (Windows), type: cdb devices.

For OS, firstly using “cd /path/to/paltform/”; then “./adb devices”. (“./” means under the current folder)


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