Release Note and Change Request

Release Note:

When a build that is about to be released, normally the lead or manager, or other technical writers will develop a release note, which contains the build-related information. It usually contains:

  • Header – Name of the document, which carries product name, release number, release date, release note date and version
  • Overview – An overview of the product and changes to the recent software version
  • Purpose – An overview of the purpose of the release notes which lists the new features, enhancements, and defects of the current build
  • Issue Summary – Provides description of the defect
  • End-User Impact – Provides information about the end-users impact due to the defect


Change Request:

If changes or modifications to the system need to be made which are beyond the project scope, then we need a change request to announce that we are making some modifications.

Normally, it includes details of the changes, the status, the dates, etc.

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