What are the Fields in a Bug Report?

In a bug report, we can include multiple elements, e.g.:

  • Bug name: the name of the bug
  • Bug ID: which will be automatically created by the Bug Tracking tools
  • Area path: where does this bug exist?
  • Build Number: e.g. “Version Number 5.0.1”
  • Severity: how fast does this bug need to be fixed? High or medium or low?
  • Priority: do we need to fix this bug at first? Give a certain priority, high/medium/low
  • Assigned to: which developer?
  • Reported by: of course me
  • Reported on: the date
  • Reason: defect
  • Status: “New/Open/Active” depends on the tools that we are using
  • Environment: what operation system and what software? e.g. “Windows 2003/SQL Server 2005”
  • Description: describe the bug
  • Steps to reproduce: how you can get to the bug/defect?
  • Expected result: what is the system supposed to deliver?
  • Save


(A good resource here: http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/sample-bug-report/)

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